Warner Edwards Sloe Gin, Franklin & Son's Lemon Tonic and 4 Lyngby Glasses.
Warner Edwards Sloe Gin buckets of blackberries, hand picked from the farm's bushes. In a 200 year old set at Falls Farm in the picturesque village of Harrington in England, you'll find a fantastic little gin distillery. Here are a number of fantastic aromatic gins. They even cultivate all the ingredients on the farm, and the water comes from the farm's own natural source. Warner Edwad's Sloe Gin buckles of mushrooms, hand picked from the farm's bushes. The mop berries are added to Warner Edwards Dry Gin before the dry gut gets watered down (89%). It is then allowed to withdraw for up to 1 month before it is watered with spring water and added to sugar. The result is a wonderful deep and fruity gin, with a delicious underlying sweetness, which together gives a warm and not too sweet gin - bursting with notes of cherry and almond. Superb with ice cream or mixed with Franklin's lemon tonic. Also works perfectly with sparkling wine if it's going to be extra festive. Ginen is 30% and the bottle is 700 ml. 4 pcs. Lemon Tonic Water from Franklin & Sons, a light tonic water with a fresh taste of citrus. 4 pcs. Gin & Tonic glass from Lyngby.
Make the perfect drink: Fill 4-5 ice cubes in the glass, add 5 cl. Warner Edwads sloe gin, Top up with Franklins 10 cl. Lemon Tonic, Turn lemon shells over the ice cream and add the skull afterwards.
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