Hummel sports bag & FZ FORZA racket.
Hummel Urban Duffel Bag is a bag for sports, leisure or can be used as a travel bag. There are pockets with a zipper on the front and have dimensions: H30 x W70 x D25 cm - 52 liters. Made of 100% polyester.

This FZ Forza Supreme Power racket is for beginners, exercisers and the easily experienced players who are looking for a functional mix between power and control in their game.

The soft core of EVA foam increases control so you can direct the paddle ball anywhere you want with this FZ Forza Supreme Power racket in hand. At the same time, the carbon finish gives a good power, so you can still get juice and power in the blows when needed.

FZ Forza paddle racket
All-round, light and flexible bat with high wear resistance and good power
Main shape: drop
Length: approx. 47 cm
Thickness: 3.8 cm
Number of holes: 52
Hole diameter: 10/13 mm
Weight: approx. 360 g
Medium balance
Frame: carbon
Surface: carbon
Core: soft EVA foam
Level: beginner, exerciser and easy to practice
Soft grip
Wrist strap
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Note that this product is sold in a minimum quantity of 4 pieces.

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